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    Many things are coming out, right before the DNC convention.

    Obama Illegitimate Child and He Knew It (15Jul08)
    Andy Martin exposes Barack Obama's parents were never married

    Barack Obama panics: Andy Martin's book forces Obama to admit he is illegitimate

    Legendary Chicago Internet columnist and Obama author Andy Martin will hold a New York news conference Monday, July 14th to drop the first of several bombs on the Obama campaign: Obama is illegitimate and his parents were never married.

    For the past four years one man has made Obama miserable: Chicago writer Andy Martin. Martin's accurate original article is cited as the source of later rumors concerning Obama's Islamic family roots. Martin has relentlessly and accurately investigated Barack Obama's lies."

    Obama knew we were working the 'illegitimate' story, and we were preparing a series of news conferences in conjunction with my book Obama: The Man Behind The Mask," Martin will state.


    Obama knows this fact. This is also why he keeps his white grandmother a virtual prisoner; she knows too, and she won't lie."Through the past several decades Obama has pretended he 'didn't know' the facts about his illegitimate birth. He thought he could get away with the big lie. And he almost did get away with it. But we kept digging. And we are still digging. We have more to come."We plan two weeks of news conferences and other Obama-related disclosures.

    The book was mailed to some Washington media last Friday, and Monday afternoon it will be delivered in Midtown to Fox News, MSNBC and others.

    Demand for review copies has been so heavy we have already had to reorder. We expect the first truckload of Obama books to reach the warehouse early next week, depending on production schedules at the printer.


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