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In the identicle place. And that was a good and honest question.;)
And mine was a good and honest answer.Look if a killer is executed for a crime he commits I will always pray for his imortal soul no matter what his crime.My heart doesn't disolve in my chest because he was executed !

Kennedys condition is painful for his family whom I am sure love him as he is no matter what he has done.
My feeling for what Kennedy has done to this country are in the first part anger for his extreme
Socialistic/Maoist views and his support for what ever leftist cause that will add to his retirement fund.

He has trod on the wishes of those who in the past supported him, but no more.Most of his monitary support comes from outsides of his home state and that means he doesn't represent Massachusetts any more than Kerry or Markey do !

Kennedy has worked against America just as Pelosi and Carter have by going international with their politics and forging private deals with Americas enemys.