"English Cow Farts Now To Smell Of Garlic .What a great 'trade off',500 billion liters of methane for 500 billion liters of Garlic Gas ? "

"Can you imaging the Bloody Great Clouds of Garlic Gasses Billowing from the Hind end of These English Dairy Cows.It would smell like Naples during the Great Garlic Pasta Festivals !

It may give them stinky breath, but according to a small UK company dedicated to reducing greenhouse gas emissions from the livestock industry, feeding cows garlic could cut back on the amount of methane they release into the atmosphere.

Mootral (“moo” plus “neutral”, as in carbon neutral) teamed up with Welsh company Neem Biotech to develop a garlic-based feed additive that reduces cows’ methane emissions by at least 25 percent.

With widespread use, the feed could have a huge effect on lowering greenhouse gas emissions from cows, which are currently responsible for 500 billion liters of methane emitted every day....