I have used a bajillion pet deodorizers/enzyme attackers over the years. I have ordered this stuff online and bought all the expensive stuff at PetSmart. If it claimed to deodorize - I bought it.

My dogs aren't odor demons but I have a good sense of smell and they do periodically vomit or defecate.

I bought this stuff at Wal-Mart about 2 weeks ago with no real hope. I cleaned the "area" and applied the stuff and I was amazed! While it did nothing for my carpet appearance (sadly), it totally eliminated any trace of doggy odor. None, zip, nada! You can walk in my house and not even know I own a dog or cat aside from high volume barking.

This is the best stuff I've even used. When used in combination with Oxyclean (for the appearance issues), it is a complete solution. Try it!