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This is, in my opinion, a political test which is superior to the "Political Compass", which you are already familiar with (the Political Compass was severely biased towards the left). In addition to placing yourself on the "moral matrix" however, you can also see the results of everyone else, grouped by country. As an example, this is the overview of US citizens (260 085 people so far):

Keep in mind that this test uses the true definitions of the words -- not the distorted US definitions. Socialists are democrats, while liberals are more like "classical liberals", such as Thomas Jefferson and Adam Smith.

My personal position is in the left-half of ultra-capitalism -- that is to say, I'm a social moderate and an advocate of laissez-faire capitalism.

Take the test here.
Can anyone find the answers for Fundamentalism? Being a fundie myself, I've tried a dozen times without coming close...