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  1. #1 The 10 greatest Sci-Fi Films...Never made. 
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    The 10 greatest sci-fi films never made
    The unfinished masterpieces of fantasy cinema
    Since Georges Melies' 1902 'Trip to the Moon' cinema has been in love with science fiction. The romance has been rocky though, with many potential classics lost to spiralling budgets or studio whim. David Hughes the author of a new book, The Greatest Sci-Fi Movies Never Made, shares his favourites with us

    1: Vincent Ward's Alien 3

    Having rejected a script by sci-fi author William Gibson, the producers of the Alien franchise planned to follow James Cameron’s “Vietnam in space” Aliens with an ambitious, arty third instalment by Vincent Ward, the visionary New Zealand-born director of The Navigator and, more recently, The River Queen. A planet made of wood, and spaceships modelled on clipper ships, were just two of the strange ideas in Ward’s approach. Sadly, it never got off the ground, though Fox ultimately went with another maverick director, David Fincher.

    His much-derided Alien3 is, by the way, ripe for re-appraisal; sadly, a director’s cut of the film – an unofficial version of which is included in the Alien Quadrilogy DVD set – will probably remain
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    Looking at that list, there are reasons why most of them were never made. The Aliens and Star Trek ones seem too far removed from the source material, Outer Limits could make a great short film collection (think Twilight Zone the movie) otherwise it's just slapping a known name on a story. And the only Superman vs Batman we need is a good version of The Dark Knight Returns, with Frank Miller at the helm to make sure nobody blows it.
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