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    Health Care: The rejection of the Democrats' attempt at reform includes a particular distaste for the public option.

    Yet the Democrats likely won't give up on it. Why?

    They know something bigger's at stake.

    "only one age group the 18-34 bracket is support for the public option greater than the opposition.And, at 50%-43%, it was not overwhelming."

    If Congress didn't learn during the August recess that the public doesn't care for the Democrats' scheme to turn the health care system upside down, then it simply doesn't have the capacity to learn.

    Americans made it clear at town hall meetings across the country that they don't like the majority's proposals nor its intentions to force its will on the people.

    The nation holds the public option in especially high contempt.

    A Rasmussen poll taken in mid-July before the town hall meetings began found only 35% supported the public option. In an NBC News poll taken in August, 43% said they supported the public option down from a month earlier, when 46% said they did.
    A more recent NBC News poll found that in only one age group the 18-34 bracket is support for the public option greater than the opposition. And, at 50%-43%, it was not overwhelming.
    In another poll, this one taken Tuesday of members of the Senate Finance Committee, the public option had the same poor support found by the Rasmussen survey. Only eight of the 23 (35%) members voting approved of the public option amendment that would have been attached to the Baucus health care bill.
    Chairman Max Baucus and four other Democratic senators Kent Conrad of North Dakota, Blanche Lincoln of Arkansas, Bill Nelson of Florida and Tom Carper of Delaware joined the 10 Republicans on the panel to vote against the amendment offered by Democrat Sen. Jay Rockefeller.
    The Senate committee's rejection should be the end of the public option. But it won't be.

    Howard Dean, former Vermont governor and ex-Democratic National Committee chairman, said Monday that if health care legislation offered by his party doesn't "have some kind of public option," then "there's going to be an enormous backlash against the Democrats."

    Which is exactly why the committee began debate on another public option amendment, this one from Democratic Sen. Charles Schumer of New York, as soon as it had rejected Rockefeller's amendment.

    That one went down in flames, too.
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    How about a prostate exam wiiilburrrrr!
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    Chuck Schumer to America, "Drop Dead !"

    Thirty-Four years ago the President of the United States was accused of telling NY to Drop Dead. Today a Senator from the almost bankrupt state of New York, told the rest of the country to Drop Dead.

    Rather than listen to the will of the people of NY and of the entire country and keep the government option far away from the Obamacare bill, Schumer the most hack of political hacks tried to add it to the Baucus bill, the one bill in congress that had no government option.

    After he was defeated, Schumer who has long been described as Al D'Amato without the class told the press that the voters be dammed he was going to keep on trying.
    That's why they call him 'Chuck The Schmuck' !

    Its hard to understand why Schumer and his Democratic ilk are fighting so hard against the public who put them in office.

    Maybe it was a horrible childhood. Who knows, maybe Chuck Schumer and the rest of the Democrats were breast feed through falsies or something. Or maybe it is some sad quest for political glory
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