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  1. #1 Senate blocks commander's testimony before new Afghan strategy 
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    Senate blocks commander's testimony before new Afghan strategy

    The US Senate on Thursday rejected an attempt by Republican Senator John McCain to have the top US commander in Afghanistan testify before President Barack Obama announces his decision on a new Afghan war strategy. Lawmakers voted 59 to 40 to reject the McCain amendment, which called for General Stanley McChrystal and others to testify before Congress about the direction of the war in Afghanistan by November 15. "Unfortunately, now Congress must rely on news outlets for access to our military leaders," McCain said in a statement. Besides McChrystal, the McCain measure called for testimony by General David Petraeus, the...
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    Well there's my topic for my phone calls to Washington for tomorrow. :mad: Bastards. I can't WAIT til we get get rid of SpecTURD.
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