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  1. #1 New Policy Outlaws Bake Sales in Schools 
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    There shall be no cupcakes. No chocolate cake and no carrot cake. According to New York City’s latest regulations, not even zucchini bread makes the cut.

    In an effort to limit how much sugar and fat students put in their bellies at school, the Education Department has effectively banned most bake sales, the lucrative if not quite healthy fund-raising tool for generations of teams and clubs. The change is part of a new wellness policy .

    Parent groups and Parent-Teacher Associations are conspicuously given an exception: once a month they are allowed to sell as many dark fudge brownies and lemon bars as they please, so long as lunch has ended. And after 6 p.m. on weekdays, anything goes.
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    When I entered HS (2003), there were many ways to sell food at school for fundraising:

    -clubs/orgs had fundraisers where students would carry candy with them and sell it throughout the day
    -the "special ed" students sold a whole range of foods (bagels/crm chz, croissants, toast, coffee, tea, hot chocolate, sodas, chips, candy, & more) before school and then to teachers-only during class time (delivered to the classroom, so often teachers would take orders from students)
    -student journalism would sell fresh (ie. a teacher driving to the factory in the wee hours of the morning to pick up a large order) glazed krispy Kreme doughnuts by the dozen once a month...selling most through preorders and several dozen as people got off busses.
    -on rare cold mornings (by FL standards) the French club would sell hot chocolate & croissants, $0.75
    -during lunch time the band would sell fruit smoothies for $2
    -also during lunch time, clubs/orgs would sometimes sell food items , ie. during Hispanic Heritage Mo. the Spanish club would sell beans/rice on Fridays for $1 (laugh, but it tasted better than cafeteria food), the Athletic Assn. would often sell hamburgers/hot dogs (grilled/all-beef for the same price as oven-heated mystery-meat dogs/burgers in the cafeteria) and more

    Sadly, my senior year the school board thought such things were detrimental to the government-subsidized foods sold in the cafeteria and banned selling any foods on campus before lunch and then half-way through the year they banned selling any food before/during school hours. Quite sad, really, as I was a member of both band and French club and often helped out in our successful fundraisers (plus, it gave me something to do before school and during lunch).
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    How about instead of regulating the food you bring back recess and allow shit like dodgeball and tag!! Morons...
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