DIMONA, Israel ó We had a pretty good idea that a bomb attack was coming. I had declined a number of invitations to Super Bowl parties. With the time change here, the Super Bowl parties didnít start until 1:00 a.m. One of my buddies even called me at midnight, but I stayed home and skipped the game. I was worried about not having enough sleep and unable to think fast if another bomber struck. I donít live that way all the time but there were just too many indicators that another bomb attack was just around the corner.

Fenced up and overpopulated, the Gaza Strip is like a pressure cooker. Every act of violence pumps tension into the Gaza Strip. The deteriorating quality of life since Hamas took over adds to the pressure. Palestinian Qassam rockets come out, Israeli air strikes and military incursions go back in and Palestinians throb with emotion. When Israel blockaded the crossings the pressure cooker blew, Hamas militants blew out the wall that separates Gaza from Egypt and Palestinians spilled over the border.

On Sunday, Yuval Diskin, the head of Israelís Shin Bet intelligence agency, told the Israeli Cabinet the agency had identified 30 locations where bombers could cross from the Sinai into Israel. He said there was an immediate need to build a fence. A day later, one Israeli woman was killed, one critically injured and around a dozen wounded.

One of the two bombers detonated, killing himself instantly. The other did not but was injured by his collaborators bomb. He ended up lying among the victims when emergency medical technicians arrived. Attempting to give first aid, the EMTs pulled open his coat and discovered his unexploded bomb belt. People shouted and ran from the scene. A police officer named Kobi Mor, however, approached. The second bomber appeared to reach for his detonating device and officer Mor opened fire. Looking at the video, it appears the bomber was shot in the hand and several times in the head. His bomb did not explode.