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    I present you with, The "Waffle House Wedding".

    As the famous twang of Hank Williams Jr. blasted from an SUV stereo Friday afternoon, about 30 folks socialized, sipped soda and puffed on cigarettes... No, this wasn't a Fourth of July backyard barbecue. It was the run-up to a wedding... In a Waffle House parking lot.

    The lucky couple, George "Bubba" Mathis and Pamela Christian - both 23 and employees at the Dacula diner located at the Ga. Highway 316/U.S. Highway 29 interchange - wouldn't have it any other way.


    Thank God! It wasn't in Texas.

    Lots of pics of the lucky bride and groom. ;)
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    LOL funny

    That pic of her with cig..... :p

    Must be the part where the guy says
    "You may now kiss the bride"
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