Hello CU,

I am a 50 yr old man and I am from Texas. I have been married for almost 30 yrs. I have daughters and grand babies on my knee. I have done my best to support and raise my children right, and teach them all to Honor God & Country above all things. Honor thy self! I have served my country like my father, mother and brothers, and his father before me. I know what honor, courage, bravery, dedication and commitment to God & Country is.

I did not take such a honorable and enduring oath, to protect my country against all enemies foreign and DOMESTIC, and then to allow tyranny to rule over our great land as it is ruling over US now. Our President was elected by a corrupt election system and by a corrupt people eager to cheat and destroy. This is a acceptable trend in some parts of our country as some have no morals or values what so ever. We the good people have no recourse of justice against a corrupt minority of people and their followers of open tyranny.

There is 500+ corrupt & elected people on the Hill that dictate the tyranny we are forced to endure, and they arrogantly and recklessly control our destiny. We are finally witnessing the complacent ‘fence straddler’s’, coming back to reality now, but what they have done. There will be those lost that lack all empathy and they will never conform or understand, or be anything other than our most selfish and self centered citizens of our country. These corrupt citizens will always be demanding and expecting more because greed & vanity controls their lives. These citizens will forever ride for free, because we have not demanded they pay or be held responsible.

These Communists, Socialists, Secular Progressives and Liberals are all clones and all walk amongst US. These deviant clones have been cloning and corrupting our children since we lead them to school on their 1st day. These deviant teachers have smiled and continued to teach their immoral all inclusive, accepting and inviting indoctrination of Liberal tyranny. These immoral’s teach our children until our children make the college walk. And if they don’t make it thru school, the lost ebonics of darkness and drugs on the streets, will teach them all they need to know for US. Our nations problems is a much bigger than only the political problems we are currently witnessing. Our social problems are more of a burden then many admit, and even less will even discuss. We have to deal with this tyranny amongst our people and it will have to be merciless justice. Or our nation continues towards the obis, then is lost!

Our forefathers defeated tyranny in WWI and WWII. We one day knew tyranny would once again rear its ugly head. It did in the 60s, 50 years ago. My father did not stand and fight the tyranny in the 60s that paraded down our nations streets so boldly, and was accepted as Politically Correct, it must have been, no one opposed it. Why, I do not know. Well, I am 50 now and I look where we are as a nation, and it will be his sons who has to defeat it, and defeat tyranny once and for all, when a battle ever takes place, for my children’s and our country’s sake. Because we will now post honorable men on the walls, and make sure tyranny never returns like it once lived here. To h*ll with tyranny, so they leave OUR children alone. We will be the ‘NEW’ GREATEST GENERATION! We have to be before America is gone.

I am like many other good and honorable Americans, who have lived right, worked hard and Have freely given our sacrifice of Blood & Treasure, hardly ever complaining, and I will no longer support this radical Liberal tyranny. I like other good Americans who have rendered unto Cesar what was his, will no longer willingly live under this current radical administration and the forced change we have come to call Liberal tyranny. The same radical tyranny, I once took a oath to defeat, and to destroy on a battle field abroad.

The same radical tyranny still parading down our streets, thru our schools and in deviant homes across our land.

I am a Oath keeper, I am III flag.

I declare as a good and honorable American citizen & Patriot, I will follow all the good and honorable men alike in our country, when they do finally stand and take our beloved America back. We are the United States of America. We the people and by the people for this republic for which it stands, one honorable people and nation under GOD! And we shall never again be afraid to give our thanks, praise and our allegiance to our God & Lord all mighty, our saviors, as defined by our Bibles. AMEN!
God, Country and family. Without God, we are no country, and with no country, there is no family. We are worthless and morally bankrupt!

Yes a lot of Conservatives ‘we’, have a hand full of our beautiful flag, and I am not turning loose tho the seams are in a bind and fraying. May God shed his grace on thee, who ever tears my flag. May our nations Christian Conservatives men & women stand and stand soon. The Christian Conservative men need to stand, be brave and bold and lead by example, you shall not be afraid.

The good people will follow you true leaders. These people are the good and honorable people of our great nation, we call the United States of America. These people are praying with real hope and change and crying out. They are listening and looking for Wisdom, Knowledge and Guidance. Real leadership, and a voice from God inside a man! You must stand up and stand now, because you know the word of truth! You see what is clearly happening across our country and around our world

I will stand against this radical Liberal tyranny in my country, when all other good citizens and patriots stand as well!

This is who I am. I have spoken my piece for now. I needed to be clear so incase I am allowed to post again. If I am not allowed. I do understand, and I will be moving along.

Good evening to all of you.

So Help Me God! In God I Trust!

Honorable Citizen & Patriot!

US Navy 77-83
Texas USA