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ObamaCare vote Tuesday; stealth plan exposed

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We just learned that the Senate Finance Committee will vote on its sketchy version of ObamaCare on Tuesday.

It's all part of the Reid/Pelosi/Obama plan to ram through a final healthcare bill that was written behind closed doors with little or no public debate.

But the key first step is getting ObamaCare passed through the Finance Committee on Tuesday. If Chairman Baucus fails on Tuesday, it would be a serious blow to the Democrats' stealth plan. Here's why...

+ + The Stealth Plan to pass ObamaCare

Right now, Baucus is trying to use the Congressional Budget Office report on his bill to get enough Senators on board for passage on Tuesday.

This is key because once two committees pass a bill, Harry Reid can use his procedural power to merge the bills and move his revised version (the one Obama and the Democrats really want) directly to the Senate floor.

Heritage Foundation is reporting that Reid will replace the text of an existing unrelated bill with his version of ObamaCare and force a floor vote. Since his version will be crafted behind closed doors, the public will have little or no time to review before a Senate floor vote!

Then, Nancy Pelosi would take the same bill back to the House, pass it quickly and send it to Obama. With blitzkrieg speed we will have ObamaCare passed and signed into law!

But there's one catch...

The Left must get the bill through the Finance Committee on Tuesday.

+ +Action Item #1 - Fax your Senators and the Committee Now!

We literally need to shut down the Senate between now and Tuesday with faxes, phone calls, emails... everything we can muster!
It's time to hammer Congress critters once again with phone calls, emails and faxes! Below are toll free numbers to the Capital switchboard.

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