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    Civil War Generals, c. 1865 Generally regarded as the world's first commercially successful photojournalist, Matthew Brady was also one of the medium's most accomplished manipulators.

    In this group portrait of William Tecumseh Sherman and his top officers, he added one figure.

    For the record, the men are, standing, from left: Oliver Otis Howard, William Babcock Hazen, Jefferson Columbus Davis and Joseph Anthony Mower; seated, from left: John Alexander Logan, Sherman, Henry Warner Slocum and Francis P. Blair.

    The Original Image: Brady added Blair at the far right. One of Sherman's corps commanders in the critical final offensive in Georgia, Blair...,00.html
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    Photoshop of a Reuters photo

    another doctors photograph

    The mainstream media, lying to us, deceiving us, misleading us, daily, one photo at a time.
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