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  1. #1 Dear President-Elect Obama, 
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    FitzmasAgain (1000+ posts) Sun Jul-20-08 05:42 PM
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    Dear President-Elect Obama,
    Advertisements [?]If that is what you want us to address you as on that hopefully, quite awesome early Wed. morning in November, you must get your honest ELECTION LAWYERS and County tabulator counters in place ASAP! THEY WILL TRY TO STEAL IT AGAIN! With all the posts of proof of theiveries again so much in our faces recently, let me reiterate:


    However, "the math" will be wrong, because there's no way in hell that McCain't can possibly win more votes than you! No way in Hell!!!!!

    Get your troops together-don't cave the next day, please!

    Ahhh...yes. The only way a democrat could possibly lose it by the Republicans "stealing" the election.

    And then theire's the incredibly scientific means by which Fitzmas (how ironic) derives his/her knowledge----"Because I SAY.....I THINK......that there is "no way in hell that McCain't can possibly win more votes than" Obama.


    They're setting themselves up for more dissappointment and self induced insanity yet again.
    GreenTea (1000+ posts) Sun Jul-20-08 06:06 PM
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    4. The idiot Dems see no problems....
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    The democrats had eight years to scream loudly and two years controlling congress to address this real and incredible neocon republican tactic, the stealing of our votes...

    Votes have been suppressed, uncounted, manipulated and hacked everywhere in this country by republicans and their voting machines and tactics....The republicans just got the conservative (republican) US Supreme Court to allow that it's legal if states want voters have to have a photo ID in order to vote, knowing very well that it will keep many poor & elderly democratic voters from voting.

    Every little tactic the republicans use adds up, to suppressing votes and untimely the republicans stealing the election with their easily hackable, non-traceable republican OWNED electronic voting machines!!

    But get the people or democratic leaders to believe it. All one can do is try and motivate others, most just refuse to believe the obvious.

    How many said that when the Dems took back congress in 2006, "there's no electronic voting machine problems, cuz the Dems won back congress"....

    Even through republicans stole congressional races all over the country in 2006, and their losses would of been a lot larger and the Dems would have had an even larger majority today, if it were not for their electronic voting machines, the republicans hacked & stole many of those races they "won".

    The republicans laugh and know over 90% of Americans vote on republican corporations (Diebold & ES&S) owned machines along with the same republicans corporations who own the proprietary software that the easily hackable machines run on!

    But people just refuse to believe it and the media NEVER discusses it.

    The REPUBLICAN WRITTEN - Help America Vote Act (HAVA) of 2002 has made it easy for the republicans and the republicans fight any changes in legislation at every turn to help them steal elections....

    And why not? The republicans are getting away with it!!!
    OH....Not that they have ever regained their sanity and common sense, or their tendency to lie.
    bambino (1000+ posts) Sun Jul-20-08 06:08 PM
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    5. I guess that's why the GOP are looking smug. They know they CAN steal the election
    or even disrupt the election to the point of chasing voters away.
    No. That would be because of an empty suit named Obama.
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