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  1. #1 Beijing subway seizes up as traffic taken off road 
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    "China Removes Most Vehicles From Roads to Clear up Smog In The Air For The Olympics But Causes Huge Human Traffic Jam On Public Transportation Systems !"

    - One of Beijing's most important subway lines seized up on Monday when the mass of passengers forced workers to close off entrances for safety on the first working day of pre-Olympic traffic restrictions.

    Passengers were being allowed off Line 2, which runs in a loop around central Beijing, but not on to it.

    At least one major transfer station, at Jianguomen, was closed.

    "There is a big crush of passengers. We've had to close the line for safety reasons," said a subway worker, standing in front of locked gates at the Fuxingmen station, a transfer...
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    So much for their planning. Now how do people get to work? :eek:

    Too bad they've waited this long to try to do something about the pollution. Don't think I'd want to attend that Olympics, but doubt if there would be too much difficulty getting a room reservation. Heard there were lots of rooms available.

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    Taking the cars off the roads won't really help this particular situation. Tourists will be sensitive to the look of the air - the visibility quality. The city has crappy looking air because of particulate pollution, not CO or ozone problems (although they have that too). The particulates are cleared out by a cyclical weather pattern. Interestingly, a substantial amount of particulate pollution is also caused by another weather pattern in the area.
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