Hello CU.

I have a hard time labeling myself on the political spectrum so I'll just tell you what I think of my presidents.

Carter - I really like Carter. I was only four when he left office so my perspective is detached and includes his post presidential accomplishments, which are monumental compared to those who followed him.

Reagan - I want to like Reagan. I'm too young to remember anything he did. It seems like he helped the rich get richer and was, at best, indifferent to the poor. I'm not sure how I feel about the whole arms race thing. No doubt the collapse of the Soviet Union was a plus. What did it cost us?

H. W. Bush - Reagan II (see above)

Clinton - Grudgingly great. I think, given his environment, that he could have done great things for the U.S. but instead we got NAFTA. However, in general, I think his economic and foreign policy accomplishments were fist class.

Bush Jr. - Worst president in U.S. history, at least in my lifetime. War, deficit, diplomatic ignorance, etc, etc, etc.

Obama - Too early to tell. Anyone looks like a genius after eight years of Jr.

I registered here for some perspective on the conservative outlook. Beck and O'Reilly have me thinking that the right has been inundated by lunatics. Please right me if I'm wrong. Thank you.