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  1. #1 More bears, lions coming to dinner in Colorado neighborhoods 
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    Bears and mountain lions are getting into trees, trash and backyards all over Colorado, lured by the smell of easy prey and free meals.

    They're getting smarter, they're getting fatter, and they're getting killed more frequently, thanks to the thoughtlessness of the humans living in their midst, say Colorado Division of Wildlife officials.

    In the northeastern quadrant of the state, which includes metro Denver, there have been some 47 reports of human-bear encounters since April.

    A remarkable number of them involve hummingbird feeders, trash left outside, steaks left on the barbecue, garage doors left open. In Aspen and numerous other...
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    It's because you people have trained these animals, through your improper use of trash, to hang around neighborhoods where they become dangerous, having lost their fear of humans," Hampton said.
    Bingo, the answer to the problem. It's a shame the animals have to pay the price for the thoughlessness of some of the people. There's probably no good solution when it's dry and the bears can't find their natural forage.

    It was sadly funny when the article said the bears keep track of trash days in the various neighborhoods. Those bears are clever.

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    Sounds like letting your kids play outside is a real risk. :eek:

    Go play in the yard junior I have you covered from the porch.... ;)
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    This article is a little sensationalized. Yes, we've had a dry year but we'd have the same sort of story if it had been an exceptionally wet year. People get careless and the wildlife takes the opportunity.

    You have to secure trash inside if you have bears. Period. Even having a bear-proof dumpster outside is asking for trouble since they will keep hanging around.

    The mountain lions are a whole different story. They want people, not trash. People are easier to catch than elk. We have a bajillion elk, mulies, and whitetail in the state so those cats aren't messing with people because they have no natural food sources.
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