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  1. #1 I Didn't Know This About Obama's Uncle, Did You? (Obama's Great Uncle: 
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    Here are the enlistment records of Charles W. Payne, brother of Madelyn Payne, great uncle of Obama:

    Charles W. Payne, born 1924, enlisted 10 Nov '42, Navy, 6293977 Registered, order #12019, Kansas City, Wyandotte Co., Board #4,
    So, Obama's great uncle liberated Buchenwald from his ship somewhere in the Pacific?

    And Just a few comments :

    A Simple explanation:
    Uncle Chuck was one of the early American Communists during the depression, and he jumped ship in the Pacific, made his way to Russia where he joined the Red Army and personally shot off the lock at the main gate of Auschwitz. Then went into hiding when all of his Muslim relatives got frosted at him for helping the Jews.
    .................................................. ............................
    Doe-eyed Obambi makes GWB seem like a genius by comparison.This is a man who see's dead veterans in the audience, will campaign in all 57 States, mourns for 10,000(actually 12!) victims of a tornadoe, and has a Seaman Uncle who seems to have been the only naval man to free Buchenwald.

    Not to mention his racist, Anti-American senntiments in the book "Dreams from my father" where he quotes from the wrong Rev. Wright. Add to that the fact that he bragged about smoking weed and doing cocaine in his memoirs and we have the worst Presidential Candidate in history.

    He is a Manchurian candidate and dances as his socialist brethren pull his strings.

    I have no doubt that McCain will win in a landslide. Thanks to all of you Libs who helped us rid the country of the Clinton's in favor of a much weaker, inept, inexperienced, gaffe-ridden liar.

    And thanks to B.Hussein Obama for making GWB look so darn smart!

    Uhhhh, annnnd...well, you know...there uhhhh is a valid point umm to be made that, you know annnnd, uhhhh, B.Hussein hardly knows how to uhhhh speak without a teleprompter.

    What a fool.
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