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    A biker rolls into a saloon in the middle of nowhere.
    He notices a sign above the bar that reads:

    Cold Beer $2.00
    Hamburger $2.50
    Cheese Burger $3.50
    HANDJOB $50.00

    He notices the smokin' hot barmaid and motions for her to come over.

    "Are you the one that gives the handjobs?" he asks?

    She replies with a knowing smile, "Why yes... yes, I am."

    He leans in close to her and whispers in her ear, "Then go wash your fuckin' hands, cuz I want a cheese burger!"
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    I don't care who y'are, dat funny right dair.
    I feel that once a black fella has referred to white foks as "honky paleface devil white-trash cracker redneck Caspers," he's abdicated the right to get upset about the "N" word. But that's just me. -- Jim Goad
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