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    I hope that feeling like all we can do is sit and watch is some satisfaction to us when our country is actually gone. I know I'll be pretty damn ashamed when my kids ask me why I didn't do more to stop it. I don't know what the answer is, but if all we do is watch it happen without putting up some kind of fight, then we deserve exactly what we'll get.
    When many of the Germans did nothing to stop the rise of Nazism, they were scorned by the world after the fact. They sat on their hands, figuratively said "What could we do?" Are we doing the same thing with our silence?

    I get in a constant argument with a friend who says that there's nothing she can do. She won't call her congressman, won't participate in any way to make her convictions (if she has any) known about how we're going down the slippery slope. She's not unusual, and I feel sometimes that I'm too hard on her. But if everyone feels that way, just sits there without uttering a word, we'll deserve what's around the corner.
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