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  1. #1 "Even If They Survive the Games With Higher Risk of Developing Blood Clots !" 
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    Beijing Pollution Could Be Deadly To Olympic Spectators

    They're concerned that the bad air might trigger cardiovascular problems for people in the stands.
    Even if the spectators survive the games, they might be at higher risk of developing a blood clot while sitting through the plane ride home.

    The same mechanism that makes greater numbers of people keel over dead of heart attacks and strokes when microscopic air-pollution levels spike in cities across the United States has researchers voicing their concerns about the heavily polluted air in Beijing.

    In 2007, researchers at Northwestern University solved the mystery of why greater numbers of people were dying from heart attacks and strokes within 24 hours of a spike in the level of tiny particles that spewed from diesel trucks, buses and coal-burning factories......

    What researchers, including lead author Dr. Gokhan Mutlu, pulmonary...
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