> Three Women, Two Younger, And One Senior Citizen, Were Sitting
> Naked In A Sauna.
> Suddenly There Was A Beeping Sound. The Young Woman Pressed Her
> Forearm And The Beep Stopped. The Others Looked At Her Questioningly.
> "that Was My Pager," She Said. I Have A Microchip Under The Skin
> Of My Arm.
> A Few Minutes Later, A Phone Rang. The Second Young Woman Lifted Her
> Palm To Her Ear. When She Finished, She Explained, "that Was My
> Mobile Phone. I Have A Microchip In My Hand."
> The Older Woman Felt Very Low -tech. Not To Be Out Done, She
> Decided She Had To Do Something Just As Impressive. She Stepped Out Of
> The Sauna And Went To The Bathroom.
> She Returned With A Piece Of Toilet Paper Hanging From Her Rear
> End. The Others Raised Their Eyebrows And Stared At Her. The Older
> Woman Finally Said.........well, Will You Look At That... I'm Getting
> A Fax!!