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    * 14.5 million turkeys were produced in Indiana in 2008. The Hoosier state accounted for 5.3 percent of national turkey production.

    This output was less than one-third of Minnesota's leading production of 48 million turkeys.

    * The value of Indiana's 2008 turkey production totaled $306.3 million. Indiana ranked fifth in value of turkeys raised, following Minnesota, North Carolina, Missouri and Arkansas.

    * The total weight of all Hoosier turkeys was 519.1 million pounds, compared to 1.3 billion pounds in Minnesota and 1.2 billion pounds in North Carolina.

    * The typical whole turkey purchased at a store is a hen, or female, and weighs 15.3 lbs.

    After 14 weeks and roughly 41 pounds of feed, hens are ready for market. Their feed consists of a balanced diet of corn and soybeans mixed with supplements and vitamins.


    * To feed the 14.5 million turkeys produced in Indiana, only 1.4 percent, or 15.1 million bushels, of Indiana's 2008 production of corn and soybeans is used.

    * The male turkey, or tom, typically weighs 30 pounds at market and is used for cutlets, tenderloins, turkey sausage, turkey franks, and turkey deli meats.
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    Ok, now all you have to to is wring it's neck, gut it, plop it in boiling water to pluck it then prep it for the roasting pan. :) Ahh, so good.
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