It is a good show and they outdid themselves tonight. For those of you unfamiliar with it, the premise of Flash Forward is that on a certain day, everybody in the world blacks out for almost two minutes. 20 million people die as a result of being on operating tables, airplanes landing, driving down the highway. The kicker is, everyone is shown a glimpse of their future. Everyone sees a glimpse of their lives four months in the future.

One of the main characters is a doctors who is battling cancer in secret. He has no family and at the moment of the Blackout he had decided to commit suicide and had the gun to his head and was squeezing the trigger. In his vision of the future he was in a Japanese restaurant, SPEAKING JAPANESE when a young Japanese woman walks in and takes a seat. It is obvious they are meeting for the first time.

Tonight, the episode was mostly about her and we learn that at the very moment that the Blackout interupted the doctor's suicide in Los Angeles, her own suicide was interupted by the blackout in Tokyo and she had the same Flash Forward as he did.

Tremendous job of writing for the show tonight.