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    Komatipoort - Police are preparing to arrest a popular Mpumalanga traditional leader after he allegedly led a rampaging mob that torched three homesteads on Sunday night.

    The still unnamed induna reportedly helped the large lynch gang conduct a systematic witch-hunt through Mananga village, near the Swaziland border, before helping torch the houses in a bid to get rid of 'magical' baboons that have allegedly been terrifying the area.

    Constable Solane Hlahla of Mbuzini police said on Tuesday: "The villagers are insisting that the animals are not natural, and that it is local witches who turn themselves into baboons.

    "They chased down one baboon using hunting dogs, cars, and well-organised groups of volunteers. Then, they targeted a 77-year old pensioner, because the baboon fled into his yard and apparently often been seen hiding around his house in the past."


    Beware the baboon in your yard.
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    We have a Witch Trifecta in play. :D
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