She started a good fight in the lounge with this one:

Raven (1000+ posts) Thu Jul-24-08 04:36 PM
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I am sure that this will be taken the wrong way and abused and snarked but.. .
Abbreviated version: Everyone picks on my Will, please stop or I'll leave!!


lionesspriyanka (1000+ posts) Thu Jul-24-08 04:40 PM
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2. everyone can't love you. if i posted a bye-bye DU thread, i can bet you in 5 mins
it would be all flames with atleast a dozen posters going "see ya in hell" or "wont miss you" or "glad you're gone" however i am sure a fair number would be sad.

its life. everyone cant love you.
Ouch!! The kind and loving Raven volleys back:

Raven (1000+ posts) Thu Jul-24-08 05:04 PM
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6. No bye bye thread here and I don't really give a shit who on this
site loves me or doesn't. I was just trying to get to civility and, as I think about it, that might be too much to ask.