"First He Votes to Kill Them And Now He says they're GOD'S Children. He Sure Knows How to Talk from Both Sides of His Face.Kennedy thy Name is Hypocracy !"

PROVIDENCE, R.I. -- In his first public appearance since an escalating a public feud with Rhode Island's Roman Catholic bishop over abortion and health care, U.S. Rep. Patrick Kennedy said all people deserve health care because they are "children of God".

The Democratic lawmaker spoke Monday at a panel discussion at Brown University. Kennedy was one of four panelists at the discussion. After each panelist made brief introductory remarks, the 200 people in the audience were allowed to ask questions.

The only outburst in Monday's event came from Christopher Young, a perennial candidate for elected office in Rhode Island, and the second person to take the microphone.

Brown University police and Providence police forcibly removed Young after he tossed a DVD at the congressman and told him: ``You're not Catholic if you force Catholics into funding abortion.''

During the question-and-answer period, Young left the microphone and approached Kennedy at the head of the room as police scrambled to intercept him. Before the police arrived, Young tossed a DVD on the table in front of the congressman, which was quickly confiscated by the police.

Once he returned to the microphone, Young refused to stop talking. As he made a loud and rambling statement about public funds being used for abortions, a small group of campus police approached.

They asked Young to stop yelling. He refused. They dragged Young from the crowded room. Once outside the front door, three Brown University officers pinned him to the ground and handcuffed him .