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  1. #1 Rev. Al Sharpton's Daughter, Ex-Wife Appear in Court 
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    NEW YORK (WPIX) - The daughter and ex-wife of the Rev. Al Sharpton were in a Manhattan courtroom Monday where prosecutors charge the mother-daughter duo launched an obscenity-filled rant against a cop during a Harlem traffic stop.

    Sharpton is accused of cutting off a cop by crossing a double line and running a red light after 7 p.m. at W. 110th St. and Eight Ave.

    "Why the f--- are you locking her up?" Jordan is accused of yelling at officers as they arrested her daughter. "Get your f------ hands off her."Sharpton - who was on her way to the theater - apparently also mouthed off to the officers."This is f------ bull----," police say she screamed.

    "You were driving too slow. I have a place to go to." Court papers allege the two women did more than just use forceful language.

    Dominique Sharpton, 23 and the civil rights activist's former wife, Kathy Jordan, appeared before a judge to answer charges stemming from an Oct. 30 traffic stop. Sharpton is accused of cutting off a cop by crossing a double line and running a red light after 7 p.m. at W. 110th St. and Eight Ave.

    Sharpton, who works alongside her father at the "National Action Network," reportedly "flailed her arms" to avoid getting handcuffed. In addition, the complaint claims Sharpton "pushed her feet against the police vehicle to resist being placed inside the vehicle."Jordan, who divorced Rev. Al Sharpton in 2004, "grabbed the handcuffs" from a Housing Authority sergeant and "twisted her body away from police officers," cops charged.

    Prosecutors on Monday did not offer up a deal. Instead, Sharpton and Jordan are due back in court Jan. 19 They each face a one year prison term.Their attorney, Michael Hardy, asked the judge to dismiss the charges calling them "frivolous." He says the women were simply exercising free-speech.
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    Oh, my.

    This reminds me of the time that former Detroit mayor Kwame's mistress got pulled over by DPD officers for speeding. She tried to have the cops fired (she was the mayor's chief of staff at the time). When the cops were describing the incident to a sympathetic radio dj, they said that she asked them "Do you know who the f@$# I am?". That's kind of when I figured she was also sleeping with the mayor.
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    Typical "we weren't doing nuthin'" attitude of these people. But I'll keep the free speech thing in mind the next time a radio jock uses the term "nappy headed 'ho's" and Rev. Al goes on one of his tirades. I guess the Sharpton's don't believe the law pertains to them. Scumbags.
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    Such class and poise.. They do so much to further their cause of racial equality without even trying.
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