"Stay With XP.Avoid 'The Latest And Greatest' Like the Plague. Especially New Operating Systems !"

"Microsoft has tested Windows 7 in house as much as they can.Now the end users will debug the rest for them.The pain and agony will be yours until this
thing finally matures and error handlers allow graceful exception handling so the thing no longer crashes."

Microsoft said it is looking in to reports that some computers running Windows 7 crash as soon as the user logs on Users have been complaining on internet forums about the ''black screen of death'', which causes the screen of their Windows 7 machine to turn black and the computer to crash when a user logs on.

Microsoft confirmed that it was investigating the possibility that a security update, released on Thursday, could be the root of the problem but later said that it was not the cause.

"Microsoft has investigated reports that its November security updates made changes to permissions in the registry that that are resulting in system issues for some customers," a statement read.

"The cause appears to be a change in the Windows operating system lockdown of registry keys," said Dave Kennerley, a support engineer with Prevx. "This change has the effect of invalidating several key registry entries if they are updated without consideration of the new ACL (access control list) rules being applied."