Food Bank Shortages

Last Update: 6/02 7:34 pm

Food pantries in Binghamton are struggling to provide for needy families.

With rising gas and food prices - and with a higher demand during the summer, food banks are not sure how they'll be able to feed the surge of people coming through the doors.

Davida Hughes comes to the catholic charities food bank on main street once a month.

"The prices are going up and it's been really hard and I get a few food stamps but then that runs out, so thank goodness we come here and they help out a lot."

Davida is already on food stamps and she says they don't cover the amount of groceries she needs.

"You think you're getting something then all of a sudden your food stamps are gone so I have to come here."

Catholic Charities patrons can come in once a month and pick what they want to eat. People can get up to 10 meals per week, but pantries are struggling.