Hello everyone.. I am new to conservative underground. I am a former republican but have lost interest in the party due to the feeling that most of the elected officials have abandoned their principals in search for popularity and electability. Neither party is looking out for the interests of the American people and seems to be interested in lining their own pockets and controlling much of what we do.

I like to think that my personal beliefs tend to be more libertarian in nature as I agree with a live and let live philosophy. I feel that the government should stay the hell away from me and only deal with me once a year to receive my modest tax that is used to support my military, my road construction and that's about it.

I feel that most entitlement programs should be scrapped such as Social security, education and food stamps. I believe that in place of these things we should go back to the old ways of charitable organizations taking care of the needs of the less fortunate... I am also not a hypocrite. I am not a rich person and have a modest paying job. I live in a highly affordable town house outside of Philly. I am married with one child and basically struggle to make ends meet most of the time. I work hard to pay the bills I have and look to no one to wipe my ass for me. I believe that education should be required for all American children however there would be no school taxes... You would have to pay the tuition for your child to attend the school of your choosing. If you did not have any school age kids... Then you would not have to pay a dime for education.

I am not a supported of abortion under anything but the 3 circumstances, (Rape, incest, danger to mom). however... I do not feel it should be illegal. I also do not feel that we the American people should subsidize it for anyone... If you want one it comes out of your pocket and conscience. I am a religious person. I believe in the original consequence... If you have an abortion you will go to hell unless you have repented. Leave it as a personal choice. Abortion is used as a distraction these days while the government bends us over in any and all ways.

As far as guns go... Leave my firearms alone! If you can't trust me with a gun, then how can I trust you with a choice.

This is a summary of my beliefs. I hope to be welcomed to the forum and look forward to some lively debates.