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    A kid and his dad manage to do the analysis that NASA, the EPA, the CRU, and the IPCC canít be convinced to perform. Awesome.

    A young kid and his dad compare several urban and rural temperature records where the urban and rural sites are in same general geographical area. They did this for areas all across the U.S. Surprise, surprise.

    They find that the cities are getting hotter but the vast open country in the U.S. is not. Hmmmmm. It seems that you could draw some logical conclusion from that fact.

    Global Warming US Cities Getting Warmer
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    The heat sink effect. It's a common problem for a lot of types of permanent monitoring - not just met stations.

    It's well known (but not much appreciated) fact that urban areas create their own micro-climate and can have fairly remarkable effects on ultra-local weather. It's a constant problem to avoid these effects in monitoring. Site your equipment too far out and you'll have accurate but irrelevant data. Site too close and your data will blow chunks but if it was accurate, it would be totally relevant and awesome. :D
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