Santa's helper (aka: mom) sent me a text message at zero dark thrity to ask "r u up."

I was half awake, and then the next text came about a laptop she seen on HSN when flipping channels.

Then she called & told me about it, I went online and found it.

She talked me into buying one for myself.

Gateway NV 17.3" Windows 7, Dual Core Laptop Computer

It's more then I need, but will also be neat to have. I am typing on a circa 2005 Sony Vaio notebook with a 16" screen that was top of the line at the time. The LCD screen will allow me to use it outside as currently the sunlight prevents me from seeing the screen.

Cinematic 16:9 viewing - watch movies in HD right on your laptop

Ginger will be happy to know that it has a honeycomb surface to prevent fingerprints. :D

It will weigh about 10 lbs less then the current computer also. It weighs in @ 7.4 lbs.