So, I'm listening to this Hartman guy. I think he's a pretty big hero to the Dummies and the rest of the loonies, also isn't he about all that's left of that juggernaut Err America? Anyway, he has a guest on the phone and they are discussing "Free Markets". Thom claims that all markets are created by governments!
Well, the guest just jumps out of the bushes, I mean, down Hartmanns throat.

"You mean like the old Soviet Union where the central planning committee told the factory managers what and how much to produce? Like telling the factories to manufacture pink tutus instead of something there might be a demand for, like bread or something?

All Hartman could do was to "go to break" and then Hartmann followed by voicing a commercial for some gold coin outfit. Just hearing the dork saying "call 1-888-buy-gold" brought a little ray of sunshine to my day.

It's a good thing there were no cops behind the bushes because I was laughing so hard and pounding the steering wheel that I could have been handcuffed and led away.