UN food chief roasts 'overfed' West

3/06/2008 9:51:00 PM.

UN food agency chief Jacques Diouf said today that billions of dollars are being wasted on feeding obese people in the West while millions starve around the world.

"No one understands ... how over-consumption by obese people in the world costs 20 billion dollars each year," the head of the Food and Agriculture Organisation told an international summit on the food price crisis.

On top of this, he added, there are "100 billion dollars in indirect costs resulting from premature deaths and associated diseases."
Someone needs to explain this one to me. I'm not really pro-porker but I don't see how fewer fat Westerners translates into more or cheaper food for people elsewhere. If grain consumption dips because nobody is buying Doritos, the farmers will just grow something people will eat. They won't ship the extra to the third world for free.

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