Nancy Pelosi’s Oil Hoax
We know where trillions of barrels of oil are located and we have the technology to extract those barrels but Congress, full of idiots like Pelosi, refuses to allow us to drill. Nancy Pelosi has called the plan to drill a hoax.

Speaker Nancy Pelosi opposes America using her own resources. Pelosi is opposed to any kind of oil exploration that involves American property.

Oh sure, they talk about already leased property that is not being drilled by oil companies but they fail to tell you it is because there is very little oil there.

“Once again, the oilman in the White House is echoing the demands of Big Oil.

“The Bush plan is a hoax. It will neither reduce gas prices nor increase energy independence. It just gives millions more acres to the same companies that are sitting on nearly 68 million acres of public lands and coastal areas.

“If the President wants to bring down prices in the next two weeks, not the next two decades, he should free our oil by releasing a small portion of the more than 700 million barrels of oil we have put in the Strategic Petroleum Reserve.

“It’s time to tell the oil industry: ‘You already have millions of acres to drill. Use it or lose it.’” Pelosi Website

This air head is so out of touch, even for a liberal, that it is mind boggling. I have already addressed the millions of acres.

If any appreciable amount of oil was there the companies would have drilled for it. As for the oil man calling the shots of big oil, Pelosi is following the playbook of the environmental whack jobs who funnel money to her and her Democratic colleagues.

One of these two is trying to solve the problem. Pelosi says that the plan is a hoax and that it would not lower prices.

The fact is, if we were to remove the restrictions then the market would see a decrease in oil prices because of the very speculators Congress says drove the prices up. Oil companies can be pumping oil in 2 to 5 years and we will be well on our way to lower fuel prices. So what if the prize is a few years away. I don’t imagine farmers say “well, it is spring and we have no crops to sell so let’s NOT plant any for later.” The only way to reap future benefits is to start NOW.

The Democrats continually say that drilling will not solve the problem (it will) but they never offer any other solution. Pelosi is the one who promised us she and her fellow Dems had a plan to get this all under control. Where is that plan? The only thing I see from them is obstruction.

If Bill Clinton had not vetoed drilling in ANWR we would be getting that oil now and the price would not be a problem.