They really just can't seem to get rid of their hate for President Bush. Oh well, on with the show!

How Should The Next President Deal With the Bush White House Crimes?

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2. Hang the bastards! nt
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23. The Rosenbergs got the electric chair in 1953.

One would think that would be a deterrent.

And Mrs. Rosenberg certainly didn't deserve it.
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4. Try them for treason and execute those who are found guilty

Obama doesn't have to telegraph that he's gonna do this. The American sheeple have been conditioned by the librul media to believe these are complex issues and most of can't understand them so it's best not to even bring them up. Bullshit. It's black and white and certainly our courts are capable of sorting out the sheep from the goats. I will volunteer for jury duty if these pieces of smegma are put on trial.
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42. Rendition Flights To Gitmo

where they will be served those lovely meals Duncan Hunter spoke about while waiting for their lawyers to not show up.

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55. They also have the right to hang themselves for dessert making it their last meal

if they so choose.
norepubsin08 (84 posts)
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72. Have every single person
who served in the bush administration tied to a post and shot for treason!
Not advocating for the killing of dissidents, but close:
Care (19 posts)
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85. If I Had My Way

President Obama would be able to issue an Executive Order to arrest and jail the criminals from the previous administration. I definitely trust President Obama to use that power wisely. That would make us a true nation of justice.
back to the show:
wial (1 posts)
79. Save on prison space

Put them all in a cell together. Give Bush a branding iron, Cheney a shotgun, Rove a stick of butter and Rumsfeld a book of Confucian quotations. Set up a video camera, wait an hour, then show the world what they really were.

It might break the Geneva Conventions but the ends would justify the means.
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82. executive order



hand over to international tribunals
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83. Two words...

Hang em'. I know that DU is heavily anti-death penalty, but I think at least a few people need to swing over what has happened, though I would sleep well at night if I knew they'd live the rest of their lives in prison, preferably with NO visits from family members. And by prison, I mean a tiny cinder block cell with 30 minutes a day alone in the yard for exercise. And ideally that exercise is making little rocks out of big ones. But we all know that they will all walk away scott free. What these assholes have done to this country as well as hundreds of thousands on innocent Iraqi's and Afghani's is mind-boggling.
frog92969 (1000+ posts)
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89. "Suicides" and "Accidents"

Let them lose the game by their own rules.

Their guilt is obvious, justice would not be denied.
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90. Thoroughly and severely--psychopaths have no conscience so it would be very

good to preemptively disarm the next generation of fascist bastards by terrifying them with real consequences for law breaking. I think a sort of Nuremburg trial for the entire Bush administration and their enablers is called for.
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95. Maybe its time to invest in rope making

I know its damn sure time to be stretching some.
Lots of love for President Bush and his Administration. I'm sure agent Mike will be busy. :D