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  1. #1 $800 Billion Boondoggle Passes 
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    Progressivism is a bottomless pit of absurdity.
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    if it were only 800B it would not be som bad. its trillions and trillions.
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    The Chinese cannot let this stand. If the US goes under, and it will under the course set forth by the morons running the country, the entire world will go under. China must have customers to continue their growth. We need their(China's) input to add sanity to the assylum formerly known as the White House. The inmates who reside at the assylum cannot even manage their own check books yet presume to act like they know how to run an economy.

    My God, I miss George Bush. Actually, could we have a return of adults to positions of power, the children are killing our country?
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    Senate leader votes against his own bill on its way to passage

    Thu Dec 24, 11:56 am ET

    Early this morning, after weeks of raucous debate and exhausting negotiations, the U.S. Senate passed a historic health-care reform bill. The gravity of the rather solemn moment, however, was momentarily broken when Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, the main architect of the bill's passage, accidentally voted against it.

    With the debate on the bill entering its 25th day and the Senate's storied polite decorum eroding, the roll was called for the vote at 7:05 a.m. It was the first time since 1895 the Senate body has conducted a Christmas Eve vote on legislation. Reid, clearly weary from the process, stood when his name was called and said "nay." Realizing what he'd done, he quickly switched his vote to "aye" as his colleagues laughed. After the vote was concluded and the $871 billion bill was passed 60-39, Reid made light of the situation in a post-vote news conference, joking that his "nay" vote wasn't so much an accident as it was an effort on his part to extend the hand of bipartisanship to his Republican friends across the aisle.


    BS, Reid even knows its crap and knows it will cost him his seat in the senate.
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