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Fox News to Provide Pool Camera Coverage of DNC Convention

From the What the Hey File:

TVNewser has learned Fox News will be the pool for the Democratic National Convention in Denver beginning August 25, 2008. And NBC News will be the pool for the Republican National Convention in Minneapolis the following Monday, September 1.

The pool provides camera shots inside the convention halls and can be used by any cooperating (read: paying) entity. A network insider tells TVNewser it's really as simple as drawing straws about which network will be the pool for a certain event. Since NBC and FNC will be pool for the conventions, the other networks will likely be the pool for other events, including next fall's debates.

That should be okay since everyone knows that Fox has no agenda whatsoever beyond providing the public with all the tools necessary to make reasoned and informed decisions.

I kid! This factoid was mentioned in a piece linking to reports about the Color of Change petition and protest:

In parting, just imagine me doing one of those, uh, whatchamacallits..."terrorist fist jabs" at yo
BAWAHAHAHAHAHA! All your convention are belong to us.