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    Quote Originally Posted by expat-pattaya View Post
    Now that is cruel and unusual torture. ow would you like it if they did it to our guys :D
    If they've ever spent any time with a 2-4yr old....They've already been thru it...;)
    Say what ya mean and get to the point quick....I don't have the attention span to listen to bullshit...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ree View Post
    There are lots of techniques that are, shall we say, culturally specific, in the realm of torture. For example, during the Panama invasion, US troops surrounded the Vatican See with speakers and blasted hip hop to try to get Noriega to surrender, but it wouldn't have had the same effect in South Central LA. Similarly, the US used to use pork as an interrogation tool during the Moro Insurrection, where Moslem tribesmen would cheerfully divulge information rather than be denied entry into heaven after contact with the other white meat. By that standard, a bag of Jimmy Dean sausages could be considered a WMD. Then, there are the individual variations in personality and outlook. Paris Hilton was unable to cope with just a couple of days in the LA County Jail, while most people would consider being locked up with her to have been torture ("Is she still whining?"). Even the application of pain is subjective. Being beaten with a whip by a government-employed thug is torture, but the same treatment from a woman in a leather bikini is simply foreplay to some people, which may be an argument against privatization. My question is, what happens when they try to waterboard someone with a drowning fetish? Khalid Sheik Mohammed lasted two minutes, but a real affectionado might last a little longer, if only by memorizing baseball stats.
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