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    Quote Originally Posted by Eyelids View Post
    Are you asking a far-right extremist to grasp a song lyric? lol, a coloring book is probably as artistic as he's going to get

    Its still a rotten song from an era of rotten music (save Velvet Underground and the Beatles).
    You are actually going to suggest that older music sucks!
    You like music today because those bands stood on the shoulder's of giants before them little friend.
    60's influences are felt through everything including bands like the Pixies and Radioheads modern psychadelia.
    You need to get a clue about your music history.
    Some of us right wing extremists are smart enough to know "who brung us"

    Here's your music lesson:
    Research the bands Big star, Television, and The Soft Boys...get back to me when you can tell me who influenced them and why they are so important to today's music.
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