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  1. #1 Sign of the times: Nebraskans Jokerize Ben Nelson,Michelle Malkin 
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    I said yesterday it wouldn’t be long before Obama’s Jokers posters started popping up across the country.

    First, Claire McCaskill.

    Now, Nebraskans have Jokerized Ben Nelson. (Or rather, he Jokerized himself, didn’t he?)

    Reader Tim e-mails the photos and this message:

    “Saw this in small town Nebraska today less than 50 miles from Ben Nelson’s home town. This is pretty surprising to me because this is strictly an agricultural area. Nelson has consistently catered to the agricultural interests in Nebraska and so is pretty popular among the farmers and ranchers in the area. Federal subsidies are a huge percentage of area farm income. But this last deal may have been the straw that broke the camel’s back.”
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    A picture of Nepolitano, Komrade Nepolitano like this would be fitting. Don't you think?
    Islama Obama

    President Obama said we are not at war with Islam. True. But Islam
    is at war with the United States and the world. So we should be
    at war with it. There is no way to fight Islamic terrorism unless
    the Koran is rewritten and the parts of the world that are in the
    Muslim darkness are completely opened up to other religions.
    Where truth and light are no longer punished by death
    but the bringer of liberty and enlightenment. me
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