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    I've been using my Windows 7 system pretty much exclusively over the course of the last week. I love the interface and I'm drawn to the system... I mean, it's fun and new. I want to like it, I really-really-really do.

    But again, I'm reminded why I left Windows for Mac years ago. It's the little things that just eat at me. Before I owned a Mac, I just accepted these little quirks as being normal for modern computing. But now that I've been running Macs (3 of them) for the last 4 or so years, I've come to realize that these quirks are unique to Windows and I've never had to deal with them on OSX.

    So, in the course of the last week I've had several OS and application crashes and one blue screen of death. The blue screen of death occurred while I was attempting to get Windows 7 to recognize a local print server in my home office. What a freaking nightmare that was. Every other computer on my network (Macs) could easily find it. With the Windows box I had to edit obscure network properties and ultimately give it the IP to the print server (machine name wouldn't work which sucks should the dynamic IP change).

    I started keeping screen shots of the crashes for shits and grins. Here's a couple of them.

    This Firefox error forced me to reboot the system as I couldn't close the browser no matter what I tried.

    This one is an Office 2007 bomb. It seems I get all sorts of errors with this application. It's quite annoying as I use Office a lot for work and it's pretty unstable, especially Excel and the very complex spreadsheets we use.

    I'm going to keep using the system, but man is it annoying to constantly battle with the system over the tiniest of things.

    The system is pretty clean too. I've only installed work applications.

    Office 2007
    Firefox 3.5 (a few plugins like FireFTP and Firebug)
    Photoshop CS4
    Lightroom 2.6
    ColorMunki drivers (color calibration tools)
    Trillian chat client
    Acrobat 9

    That's it. Nothing special with the installation. Hell, it's two weeks old - if that.
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    That's certainly a bit of back luck! Never had that happen on my machines.

    For Firefox, do you have any video plugins installed? I've heard about that error coming up if WMP or VLC plugins are enabled. Also, check in your Programs module under Control Panel and see what Visual C++ Runtime is installed. If it's older than 2008 SP1, you may want to update (sometimes Windows Update doesn't catch it).

    For Office, I'm not sure why it's doing that, but there's another thread that had a fix.
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