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    I see in the link above how to go about getting your own medical records from the army, but I have a question--

    My mother wants to get her father's medical records from the VA--Not his medical records while in the army but his medical records AFTER he was discharged. We know he has to have at least a few records at the VA as he was treated on both an impatient and outpatient basis at the local VA around 1974 (he was discharged in 1945) for a Pulmonary Embolism, and ultimately died of a stroke at the same VA the next year. Basically we have his medical records from 1938-1946 (his military service years) but my mother wants his medical info from 1946-1975 (his death) for medical purposes.

    We called the local VA where he was treated and died, gave social security number as well as his name yet he's not in their system--not even in their medical archives department, yet he definately should be as he got extensive treatment there in the last years of his life and even died on premises. Where do we go from there?

    We have his complete medical records from while he was in the service but we are interested in solely his post-discharge medical history for family medical history
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