"They're Going To Try To Steal This One Too !"

“They’re all Democrats,” a census insider told me. I was asking the official speaker at the morning census information workshop some rather pointed questions about how they plan to count illegal immigrants and what they plan to do with that data.

The insider was the supervisor of the four county census supervisor giving us the hygienic explanation about what we have to do on April 1.

“We don’t get into politics,” the speaker said, while off mic her supervisor told me there is much disagreement within the census bureau regarding the Obama administration’s attempt to pull our population clearing house out from under the Department of Commerce and to relocate it within the confines of the White House.

This quandary has not yet been resolved my source told me with some certainty.

The pat answer the spokeswoman told us is: “both documented and undocumented workers will be counted.” “But the president can’t get that information,” she said. “It’s confidential. . .other presidents have tried, but they couldn’t,” she assured us. So, what, so no political machinations involved here, right?

Somehow, however, I distinctly remember hearing someone who looked a lot like this woman say on local public tv how much we need to count everybody so we can get another U.S. Representative for this district. Are we painting by the numbers yet, class?

My source officially told us we’re only required to answer the 10 questions form to be mailed to our home addresses on or about March 15. April 1 is the deadline count day for us to submit this 10 question mandatory form.

Some U.S. residents are being selected randomly to receive a very lengthy and very intrusive survey which is NOT mandatory to answer, no matter how confusing its cover letter is. Keep that in mind.

But back to the four county Florida regional meeting: a cut and dried supervisor who wouldn’t answer my questions about gun ownership declarations or what will be done with the illegal immigrant head count numbers said: “I know about (your) question,” looking directly at me.

And that’s when she again repeated that the census doesn’t get into politics. She told another audience member that Acorn is not involved. Any questions?

Call them at 1-866-861-2010. Oh, and yeah, does anyone want to buy my red rocks land arch in the back yard of my Florida home? I’ll make you an offer you can’t refuse!

Yesterday’s Rasmussen Presidential Index had Obama at -17

This day in history January 10 1776:
Thomas Paine’s Common Sense which greatly influenced the authors of the Declaration of Independence was published.