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  1. #1 "Another Obama Pro Islam,Anti Christian Kind Of Guy For TSA !" 
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    Obama’s TSA Nominee Worries About Those Who Are ‘Christian Identity Oriented’ (video)

    Errol Southers: "Groups that claim to be extremely anti-government."

    ... because, with respect to the mission of the TSA, it’s much more important to be able to single out people with anti-government tendencies than to single out people who merely want to blow passenger aircraft out of the sky.
    I deplore this guy’s non focus on Muslim terrorists.
    However, the term Christian Identity seems to be misunderstood by many. It does not refer to everyone who identifies themselves as Christian.

    These groups do spawn real terrorists.
    I hate to say it, but the guy in the video has a point. His focus, however, is ideologically driven, and misplaced.
    This guy is not well-spoken (mis-uses words and concepts) and apparently doesn’t know the scope of TSA’s authority. I wouldn’t hire him for an entry level position.
    Just for clarification, this is not a Christian Group they are referencing even though they use the name Christian- the Christian Identity movement is the parent group of racist organizations like the Aryan Nation. They are extreme racist groups. There have been cases where Aryan Nation and Christian Identity groups and members have been caught helping Islamic terrorist groups. Remember a couple of years ago there were a couple of these guys caught with explosives in their trunk and they discovered they had ties to one of those New Jersey Jihadist cells.
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    His statements seem to be about 'Christian Identity' groups which are shell groups for white surpremests and sponsored by the 'Church of the Creator' which is a white surpremest cult that hides behind the word Christian and have views that are extremely anti-Christian.
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    Is it just me or is there an unprecedented number of Negroes appointed above their next level of incompetence by O Blah Blah? Is this yet another indicator of the racism of our Beloved Leader?:eek:
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