The fizzy, yellow-coloured drink contains extracts from the head and bones of eel and five vitamins - A, B1, B2, D and E - contained in the fish, "Oh Sh*t ......there goes my lunch !"

Tokyo - It's the hottest season of the year in Japan and that means it's eel season. So, bottom's up!
A canned drink called "Unagi Nobori," or "Surging Eel," made by a Japanese company hit the nation's stores this month just ahead of Japan's annual eel-eating season, company spokesperson Kazunori Hayashi said on Monday.

"It's mainly for men who are exhausted by the summer's heat," Hayashi said of the beverage, believed to be the first mass-produced eel drink in Japan.

Many Japanese believe eating eel boosts stamina in hot weather.


The Japanese particularly like to eat eel on traditional eel days, which fall on July 24 and August 5 this year.

Demand for eel is so high that Japan has been hit by scores of eel fraud cases, including a recent high-profile incident in which a government ministry publicly scolded two companies for mislabelling eel imported from China as being domestically grown.,00.html

Eel jumps into girl's mouth

Taipei - Doctors at a Taipei hospital were fighting to save a girl's life after an eel jumped into her mouth and ruptured her esophagus, a newspaper said on Sunday.

The Apple Daily said a 3-year-old girl was attacked by the eel a month ago and has been kept at the intensive care unit at the Mackay Memorial Hospital ever since.

According to the daily, the girl's father caught some eels from the sea in August and took them home to prepare for a meal.

As he was killing the eels, his daughter was standing by when one of the eels wriggled from her father's hands and flipped into her mouth.

Her father pulled the eel out of her mouth, but the eel's head had already entered and ruptured the girl's esophagus.

The girl was rushed to the Makcay Memorial hospital, but the wound and infection kept worsening, forcing doctors to perform one surgery on her neck and another on her chest. They also had to open a hole in her stomach so that she could be fed through a tube.

The girl remains in the intensive care unit of the Mackay Memorial Hospital, listed as in critical condition, the paper said.