Kennedy's Grave (Satire)
Washington D.C. ghost hunters are used to seeing strange things.

Last night, a group investigating claims that Arlington National Cemetery is haunted said they witnessed an apparition dancing on the grave of Ted Kennedy."Schpootz and his team said the ghost appeared to be that of Mary Jo Kopechne, the young aid who was killed in a car driven by Kennedy.

The team watched stunned as she danced on the grave site. It appeared to be the Hustle."Is there a connection?" Schpootz wondered. "It's impossible to know. Perhaps the Hustle is symbolic in some way. Or, maybe she never learned to do the Jerk. We paranormal researchers are used to such mysteries."

The team said, oddly, the ghost wore a Scott Brown campaign t-shirt.

"That wouldn't be clothes of the period," said Schpootz. "We can only speculate."It wasn't the only supernatural activity occurring on Tuesday evening. Millions of conservatives said they witnessed the hand of God moving on the country.