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    Father Pfleger extended sermon cut

    ' He really puts his heart and soul into trying to act like a black minister but he hasn't the black jive rhythm down pat yet does he ?"I'll bet he is just trying to steal some of Wrights best parishioners to build up a jivy choir just to lure some black folk to the Catholic church !'

    Pfleger opens his heart, soul

    Read Pfleger's apology
    Read Francis Cardinal George's official statement

    Catholic church needs some tough guys like,

    The firebrand senior pastor of St. Sabina parish was removed from his duties there Tuesday, according to a statement released by the Archdiocese of Chicago.

    In the statement, Cardinal Francis George says he asked the Rev. Michael Pfleger, 59, to "take leave for a couple of weeks from his pastoral duties." The statement said Pfleger "does not believe this to be the right step at this time.

    "And If he chooses not to follow the bishops orders :"

    Monty Python - The Spanish Inquisition
    The Spanish Inquisition Par 2
    Church's Inquisition -Torturing Those Who Disagreed

    " "While respecting his disagreement, I have nevertheless asked him to use this opportunity to reflect on his recent statements and actions in the light of the Church's regulations for all Catholic priests," George said.

    The recent statements in question were video clips broadcast on You Tube where Pfleger mocked Hillary Clinton for crying on the campaign trail. He suggested her tears were due to "white entitlement" leading Clinton to believe the Democratic nomination should go to her, not Barack Obama.

    Pfleger has been a priest for 33 years, serving nearly all that time at St.Sabina's in the Auburn-Gresham neighborhood.

    Fr. William Vanecko, Pastor of St. Kilian's parish, will be temporary administrator of St. Sabina's, the statement said.
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    Only a couple weeks? I'm amazed isn't longer.

    Suspect the church is getting very nervous about their loss of the old tax-exempt status. He was way political. The revenue man is probably salivating. Just think of the juicy evidence. :D
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    The order requires Fr. Pflger to at least temporarily leave the rectory he's called home for the past 24 years. It's clear that Pfleger tried to fight the move.

    Father Michael L. Pfleger of St. Sabina Church in Chicago explains.

    “Minister Farrakhan is probably one of the most misunderstood and mis-defined leaders of our day,” says Pfleger. “When you don’t want to deal with someone’s truth, you try to destroy their character or redefine them …That’s what the media has sought to do with Minister Farrakhan. His truth causes America to face its racism and its hypocrisy.”

    “Minister Farrakhan has been a personal friend for more than 20 years,” continues Pfleger. “His leadership has evolved, and I believe the coming days will see him as a unifying force, calling real Christians, real Jews and real Muslims to come together on principles of truth and justice… Contrary to those who want to make him anti-white and anti-Semitic, I believe Minister Farrakhan is presently building the umbrella for people of conscience to come together no matter the race or creed. I am honored to call him my brother

    Farrakhan has preached at St. Sabina's several times.

    Obama identified Pfleger in a 2004 interview with the Chicago Sun-Times as a key source of spiritual guidance.
    Obama is going to implode for the Dems.
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